It started with a trip to Costa Rica and a visit to a coffee farm. Aside from the best cup of coffee we had ever had, we realized there was a lot more to coffee than what we knew up to this point. We met farmers that had been working these farms for generations. They had learned how to carefully cultivate their beans in a way that was sustainable and eco-friendly. Their entire livelihood depended on each harvest. 


We knew at that point that we wanted to share the story of those farmers and how much labor goes in to producing just one cup of coffee. We wanted to build relationships with them and actually make a difference in their villages and their lives. We roast high quality specialty coffee and pay the farmer a fair price for their hard work. By doing that, we have an exceptional product that we can feel good about. 



Our Coffee

We source all of our coffee from Direct Trade relationships with the farmers or through reputable importers that have a good track record and a history of giving back.  We pay more for our coffee to ensure everyone in the supply chain is not just surviving but actually thriving.  This philosophy equates to better conditions, better equipment, better training and in the end a better quality coffee.  Know where your coffee comes from.